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Are you a mom who was once prescribed to take daily prenatal vitamins? During that time, did you notice how thick and shiny your hair was? Well, those vitamins were doing a lot more than helping develop your sweet baby! Vitamins like B, D, E, Zinc, Biotin, and Iron are the best for hair growth and help prevent thinning and shedding. The idea is to feed your hair follicles a healthy amount of oxygen and blood flow to increase circulation which stimulates the follicle resulting in hair growth and each of these vitamins help with that. A balanced diet of lean meats and leafy greens will give your body some of these vitamins through digestion but if you feel that you aren’t getting the proper amount through your diet, you can buy each of these vitamins over the counter. But we recommend the NutraFol Supplement line to ensure your hair is getting everything it needs to thrive and grow. We have seen firsthand the growth and vitality Nutrafol provides. But as with anything... CONSISTENCY is the only way to get the results. When talking Hair Growth and Vitality, we recommend addressing the issue internally and externally. Nutrafol for the internal aspect and Zenagen products for a topical treatment. The

line targets hair loss with specialty formulas for both men and women. The treatments contain no minoxidil, parabens, or SLS, so you don’t have to worry about any alcohol, harsh irritants, or chemicals that will dry out your hair. The proprietary green tea delivery system, paired with a special blend of natural ingredients, work together to cleanse, and remove existing DHT build up, and block any future production of DHT topically. At VOUS Salon Retreat, we carry each of these product lines in addition to others that meet your exact haircare needs.

*Always consult with your doctor before taking anything new. Some vitamins can interact with certain medications.

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