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Summer 2022 VOUS Salon Retreat became a physical reality!
VOUS Salon Retreat is a 2500 square-foot luxury hair salon and spa retreat in Huntsville, AL.  We strive to be Huntsville‘s destination luxury hair salon and spa retreat that you never want to leave… But when you do, you’ll leave looking phenomenal and feeling relieved, rejuvenated, relaxed, and empowered until your next visit!

VOUS Salon Retreat provides high-quality products and services tailored to our client's needs and delivers relief, recovery, and relaxation.  When you step inside VOUS Salon Retreat, you will discover just how much we cater to the inner value and wellness of people as much as we do for accentuating their outer beauty, while adding long-term beauty and health benefits. Our menu of services include: Salon area services of hair cut, color, styling, and extensions; Spa Retreat area services of massage, Cavi-Lipo, halotherapy salt room, infrared sauna, plus a relaxation room with additional pampering amenities.



A letter from the founder & owner, Jessica Barnes of where VOUS Salon Retreat came from and why: 


When the pandemic hit in 2020, and the salon and spa market dipped in a single moment, this was one thing that changed people's eyes to the realization that we were shut off from the lives we knew instantaneously.  We were all thrust into a high-stress, high-anxiety state, and we all went into our own survival modes.  Our work lives changed, or stopped entirely. Those of us that went to work-from-home situations led to a blurred line between work and personal time.  Others of us lost our jobs altogether. The level of stressors in all of our lives multiplied exponentially!  On top of that, we were living in a state of fear that something so detrimental could happen to us or our families and friends, which created an abundance of caution, so much so that we were forced into isolation from anyone who wasn't in our immediate household.


Humans NEED physical touch.  We need interaction from other humans in order to be happy and healthy.  The effects from this level of stress and anxiety have a tendency to stay with us long after the height of our traumatic events, affecting our physical bodies as well as our mental health.


The number of people suffering from post-pandemic hair loss right now is astounding.  I have personally been blessed to be able to use our high-quality hair extensions - Hair Lingerie - to help create beautiful hair for those struggling, until their natural hair has been restored back to what it was before.  Now that we are all becoming more acclimated, it is time to make resolutions to remedy and relieve the stress and anxiety that we have all experienced over the past couple of years.


VOUS Salon Retreat is a business born out of a vision to solve a need, that was created in me during this pandemic timeframe. VOUS Salon Retreat will be an environment designed to allow people time and space to get out of their fight or flight response and allow their bodies and cells to regenerate themselves.  In addition to continuing the high-end hair services I have become known for, I have very thoughtfully chosen specific wellness services to offer.  Our Halotherapy is phenomenal for lung health and recovery. Our Infrared Saunas help to detoxify and boost immunity.  And our Massage services not only provide recovery and relaxation but also fill our human need for touch. This was the start of the story and the beginning of our why.


VOUS Salon Retreat's goal is to take these markets and make them even more helpful and healing for the necessary steps of self-care we all need and want.

Jessica Barnes


VOUS Salon Retreat
Huntsville's Destination Luxury Salon & Retreat 

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