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VOUS Salon Retreat became a physical reality summer of 2022!
VOUS Salon Retreat is a 2500 square-foot luxury hair salon and spa retreat in Huntsville, AL.  We strive to be Huntsville‘s destination luxury hair salon and spa retreat that you never want to leave… But when you do, you’ll leave looking phenomenal and feeling relieved, rejuvenated, relaxed, and empowered until your next visit!

VOUS Salon Retreat provides high-quality products and services tailored to our client's needs and delivers relief, recovery, and relaxation.  When you step inside VOUS Salon Retreat, you will discover just how much we cater to the inner value and wellness of people as much as we do for accentuating their outer beauty, while adding long-term beauty and health benefits. Our menu of services include: Salon area services of hair cut, color, styling, and extensions; Spa Retreat area services of massage, Cavi-Lipo, halotherapy salt room, infrared sauna, plus a relaxation room with additional pampering amenities.



When the pandemic swept in back in 2020, the world as we knew it took an unexpected turn. The salon and spa industry, which was once a place of solace, faced a sudden dip that made us realize how swiftly our lives could change. In a flash, we found ourselves in a high-stress, anxiety-ridden state, each of us navigating survival in our own ways. Work dynamics shifted or halted altogether, and those working from home discovered the lines between work and personal time blurring. For some, jobs vanished entirely, intensifying the stressors in our lives exponentially. And to top it off, fear loomed over us, making us cautious and distancing ourselves even from loved ones beyond our households.

It's a known truth that humans thrive on physical touch and interaction. Our happiness and well-being are intertwined with the connections we share. The impact of the anxiety and stress we've faced during these times can linger, affecting not just our mental state but our physical health too.

What's astonishing is the number of individuals grappling with post-pandemic hair loss right now. Personally, I've been fortunate to utilize Hair Lingerie, our top-notch hair extensions, to bring a touch of beauty to those in need, as they wait for their natural hair to fully recover. As we grow more accustomed to this new normal, it's time we make a pledge to address and alleviate the stress and anxiety we've collectively carried through these past years.

And so, VOUS Salon Retreat emerged from a vision that took root within me during these trying times. It's a space where people can find respite, a moment away from the fight-or-flight mode, allowing their bodies and cells to rejuvenate. In addition to our renowned hair services, I've thoughtfully curated wellness offerings. Our exceptional Halotherapy aids lung health and recovery, while our Infrared Saunas detoxify and boost immunity. And our Massage services, well, they not only offer relaxation and recovery but cater to our fundamental human need for touch. This is where our story began, and our "why" started to take shape.

The aim of VOUS Salon Retreat is to take these realms and enhance their healing potential, catering to the self-care steps we all crave and deserve.

Jessica Barnes


VOUS Salon Retreat
Huntsville's Destination Luxury Salon & Retreat 

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