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We all want beautiful, luscious hair but how do we get it? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "how you wash your hair and the products you use can go a long way toward maintaining smooth, shiny hair". If you have oily hair, you need to shampoo every 1-2 days, focusing on the scalp to promote hair growth and increase blood circulation. But people with drier hair may only need to shampoo every 3-4 days. When it comes to conditioning, only apply conditioner to the ends of the hair and let it rest for 2 minutes before rinsing. This will help keep your ends moisturized and soft.

But it doesn’t end with your shampoo routine, there are three other important factors. What you eat plays a big role, maintaining a consistent appointment with your hair stylist, and stress should also be considered. Eating foods higher in zinc and omega-3 will help decrease shedding and will stimulate hair growth. Vegetables, fruits, flax seed, salmon, and yogurt are some great staples to keep in your regular diet!

Second, getting a cut or trim with your stylist every 8 to 12 weeks will keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends. And lastly, try to decrease the amount of stress you carry. Every aspect of our internal lives eventually makes its way into our external lives and it’s no different with our hair. Stress forces your hair into a resting phase and will prevent new growth. At Vous Salon Retreat we offer massage and therapeutic services that are guaranteed to take away whatever stress is weighing you down and keeping you from growing beautiful, luscious hair!

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